Week 5 and 6 book club questions

I think that Ally has become brave because she used to hate book or pages with words on them, she also hated reading them in front of people. Now she is able to read a lot better and she is braver and will read in front. Of people.

my goal is to be a better friend and to eat a lot healthier, and maybe work out a little more. I really want to get good grades so i am going to study a lot harder next year for sure.

I love Fish in a Tree i would rate it a 5 because the book seems so reel like you can relate to half of the things in this book that is why i love it so much. These characters are acing things that happen all the time and hey are handling it way better that i could, so i guess the book gave me advice.

courageous is the chapter im pre

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This summer i am going to the beach a lot this summer and get a really good tan. My goal for this summer is to read more and spend more time with my family and friends. I don’t think i could have made it through six grade without my friends. I want to thank my friends because they have always made me feel welcomed and loved. I would also love to thank my teachers because they have helped me improve over the 6th grade and I can’t wait to see them next year. I cannot believe hat i am almost a 7th grader, I am kinda shocked but excited. Some people ma not be excluded my bad, but i love everyone in my grade like family. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

Week 3 & 4 book club questions

1) Ally has a hard time reading and writing, and Mr. Daniels helpes her and motivates her to work harder. Mr. Daniels wrote the word impossible but then he gave her a great little encouraging talk with her, then he crossed out the part im in impossible and made the word possible.

2) Albert tries to ignore the bullies even though some of the bullies physically hurt Albert. He does not like to take revenge or be Violent, so he just doesn’t  try to talk to anyone about it. Keisha tried to beat up the bullies or tell Albert that he should stand up for himself, but he insists that he should not.

3) You have to remember the way people treat you is a reflection of themselves or the way they view themselves.

Week 2 Book Club Questions

1. I am reading about Albert and Ally’s friendship. I am surprised because I thought Ally was going to be friends with the popular group and sit with them more, but Ally wants to hang out with Albert and Keisha.

2. I had a girl at my old school named Ashlyn, and I did not think that we were going to be friends AT ALL because she was mean to everyone around me. One day, I saw her crying and asked her why. She told me why, and we basically became friends.

3. Have you ever felt like you wanted to be friends with a person but did not have the courage to go up to them and ask?

Week 1 book club questions

1) my first impression of Fish in a Tree was “ OMG this book looks so long”. I was feeling great as I was getting started reading this book, I had no problem reading any of the words. I sometimes don’t like to do my homework or focus in class, that is kinda what I got from the beginning of the story.

2) I have met Ally, Ally’s brother, Mrs silver, and her home room teacher. Ally and her brother are sarcastic to each other. Ally!s relationship with Mrs. silver is kinda not good because Ally has to be told by Mrs. silver to behave. Ally’s relationship with her home room teacher is NOT GOOD at all  because Ally tried to give her a card for her forgiveness, but the teacher took it the wrong way.😢

3) which character have you connected with the most?


Once there lived an octopus named white.  She loved to play the piano and she was really good at it. White lived in an aquarium, so she would get pet a lot, but it would usually be gentle. In the aquarium the people that cleaned her cage would turn on the waterfall that was springing out from the side of the fake plants. White did not mind living in the aquarium but she did wonder what it would be like to live outside of the aquarium. She was taken away from her family when she was 1. She still loves the aquarium.


Hello Rylee and class

Hi! Rylee, I’m Abbey from Prince of Peace Christain School, and i’m in 6th grade. Thank you for sending us a postcard. In my class there is about 12 kids in each class, but in a whole grade there is 33 kids. We have a mascot called Eddy the Eagle, he is so funny when he dances to cheeres with the cheer leaders. Our school used to be known for being a car dealership. bye!


This is my story about sushi. so one time my friends dad dared me to try so wasabi, and it tasted horrible. I like sushi but if it smells like mustard I wont touch it, but sometimes my dad wants to annoy me and literally shoved it in my mouth. I hear a lot of guitar music at the sushi restaurants and I think it suits the restaurants very well.  When my dad wants me to try something new I do and sometimes it looks extraordinary because of the different colors in the sushi. sushi is one on my favorite places to go.

100wc18 Magical Princess

There was a girl named Alyssa and she had the most imaginative mind ever. She loved coloring,  dressing up like a princess and pretending that she was in a magical world. One day all of that came true the day she found the magical key. she brought the key home and went to sleep. The next day when she woke up she woke up in a castle and there where people at the side of her bed with chocolate and fruits. She was so scared because she did not see her mom anywhere. MOM WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!. come for the next book.

The Move 100wc 17

One day a girl was walking in her neighborhood to go to her local park and it was usually heavily crowded. Sometimes she would have to take a yellow taxi if she did not want to walk 20 minutes to the park. She was always exited to go to the park. But, one day her mom said ” honey we have to move for your dads job”. The girl cried all day, then her mom came in her room and said” sweetie I found something that you might like there, a waterfall” She was not sad anymore and moved to a beautiful house and loved it.